3122. NOVERG

the central authority for the galaxy, is celebrating 1000 years of scientific progress and peace. Advances in technology ushered in a new Utopian world. Future generations inherited an altered DNA, giving birth to a minority with extraordinary powers – the Daki.

But a dark truth lies behind NOVERG's honourable facade. A group of warriors are on a mission to uncover it. As they fight to overthrow NOVERG's totalitarian world order and to set its people free from centuries of control and deception, they will have to face a difficult question – will they be able to all come together in the common fight for justice and freedom?

The story shall continue.

There are more tales within and beyond

NOVERG that will soon be told.

We will soon be releasing the next Volumes of ‘Emboldn – The Awakening’ series, to be followed by a tactical squad game in the Emboldn universe, and a AAA fighting game.

Become the Emboldened and join us on this epic adventure.


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